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  1. 1
    Betydelse: attribute
    credit record ascribe impute register keep score add enter chalk up
  1. 2
    Betydelse: go into
    enter set foot in intrude go in
  2. 3
    Betydelse: record
    note write down enter mark down
    transcribe register jot down
  3. 4
    Betydelse: read with a scanner
    feed in input append record scan
    digitize enter perform data entry digitise
  4. 5
    Betydelse: go in
    enter move forward come in
    go into visit step in
  5. 6
    Betydelse: reach a destination
    get there land arrive enter
    come disembark pull in
  6. 7
    Betydelse: list
    classify catalogue tabulate record
    register program enter schedule
  7. 8
    Betydelse: activity
    inscribe catalogue inventory register record
    enlist enumerate enter list
  8. 9
    Betydelse: deed
    to become a member join enroll take part in
    enlist associate subscribe enter
  9. 10
    Betydelse: action
    go into go in set foot in intrude enter
  10. 11
    Betydelse: enroll
    register sign up for enter join matriculate
  11. 12
    Betydelse: pierce
    bore stab enter pervade
    permeate perforate probe penetrate
  12. 13
    Betydelse: mark down
    register enter record enumerate
    total write down number tally
  13. 14
    Betydelse: penetrate
    bore drill enter perforate
    puncture run into run through pierce
  14. 15
    Betydelse: aim
    get there land pull in enter
    come disembark reach a destination arrive

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Synonymer före och efter enter

  • enslaved
  • enslavement
  • ensnare
  • ensue
  • ensuing
  • ensure
  • entail
  • entangle
  • entangled
  • entanglement
  • enter
  • enter into
  • enter upon
  • enterprise
  • enterprising
  • entertain
  • entertainer
  • entertaining
  • entertainment
  • enthral
  • enthrall