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Ord som liknar cantons of the corse-du-sud department

  1. 1
    Betydelse: contention
    maintain say contend (formal) assert claim
    explain insist submit argue
  2. 2
    Betydelse: conflict
    dispute brawl altercate contest wrangle
    contend (formal) quibble oppose argue
  3. 3
    Betydelse: controversy
    debate discussion contention row (informal)
    quarrel altercation (formal) rumpus argument
  4. 4
    Betydelse: claim
    assertion avowal (formal) position
    profession contention allegation (formal)
  5. 5
    Betydelse: constantly
    always regularly continually ceaselessly
    continuously invariably all the time
  6. 6
    Betydelse: arrogance
    nerve haughtiness conceit pride (pej.)
    contumely (formal) effrontery forwardness assumption